Departure on request and according to availability until September 15, 2024

From Loire to Erdre - 2 hour

An unusual cruise punctuated by the guide's anecdotes, discover the history of the Saint-Félix canal, the island of Versailles, the lock and the tunnel. This cruise, partly underground, will take you from the Loire to the Erdre. The cruise includes the round trip.
2 hour of sailing commentary with tasting of local products on board.
Possibility of departure on request depending on lock schedules.
Single : 320 from 1 to 20 people then 16 € per additional adult 8 € per additional child
Round trip : 580 € from 1 to 20 people then 29 € per additional adult and 15 € per additional child
Place of departure
Ponton Belem or Quai de Versailles in Nantes
15 minutes before departure
Confirmed and adjusted up to 3 days before departure
Glazed boat
Validation of the estimate and sending of a deposit at least 30 days before departure
Made by our guide in French and / or English